vendredi 2 mai 2008

Le code: Kennery savait-il?

Selon une source, Ryan Kennery, étudiant siégeant à la table du Bureau des gouverneurs (BDG) de l'Université, aurait été informé de la rédaction de l'ébauche du code de conduite personnelle en novembre dernier durant la retraite annuelle des membres du BDG.

Voilà une rumeur assez accablante pour celui qui s'était fait sermonné à l'issue de leur dernière rencontre pour ne pas avoir demandé à ce qu'on laisse entrer la vingtaine d'étudiants dont l'accès était bloqué aux portes de la salle du Sénat.

Kennery n'a pas encore répondu à notre demande d'entrevue. On lui laisse donc le bénéfice du doute. Le BDG aurait par exemple pu commettre l'odieux de ne pas en discuter en sa présence.

Peu importe la vérité, quelqu'un n'a manifestement pas fait son travail. Ou bien Kennery a négligé son devoir de représenter les étudiants, ou alors il y a bien eu une nuit des longs couteaux à la dernière retraite des membres du BDG.

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Serge MIVILLE a dit...
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Serge MIVILLE a dit...

estions à se poser en ce qui à trait à l'éthique de nos « représentants » étudiants qui représentent souvent leur future carrière politique plutôt que les enjeux qui nous sommes chers.

D'un autre côté, si on a choisit de ne pas lui informer dudit code, on aura la preuve ultime d'un paternalisme administratif qui incarne la tour d'ivoire. On se croirait en monarchie quasi-absolu dans laquelle le roi armé de Colbert ou de Richelieu dicte la route sans qu'on puisse y faire quoique ce soit.

Les deux situations sont scandaleuses...

5years5days a dit...

In all my time at the university, Senate and BOG reps have been neglected by the BOA and the SU executives. The seats are hidden (at the table and during the election) there is an inadequate information provided regarding their function and purpose for consumption by voters.

These students (Senate and BOG reps) are there to speak directly to student interests at the highest level of governance. Yet language tests are never administered (meetings are often 90% in French, and the reps do not write language tests like the SFUO President)--I'll admit, language test can be as much about equality as they are about inequality.

For those who have been around how often have we pressured our President and VP (of the SUs) for better services, for better quality of education, more profs etc? The fact is, the Senate Rep and BOG have more power at that table to influence votes and to speak to motions than your SU executive does in in a private meeting with the senior administration. Yet, they remain silent and cast opinions as if they were whipped in a party caucus.

Getting things done is not always about turning the world upside down and making mountains out of molehills. A greater effort needs to be made (on both the student's and administration's part) to employ the existing apparatuses to bring about the change that is desired by both parties.

This means:
- Not just sending an email to the SUs about the student code, but actively helping them promote the consultation process. I'm sorry, but students can get anywhere from 30-50 emails a day. Do you think they're going to care about your SFUO bulletin, or Gazette highlights?--no.

- The Execs at both SUs need to work more closely with their BOG and Senate reps. Stop trying to get your names on buildings or attaching yourself to campaigns with national and international visions. We need the full force of the entire executive on our campus, promoting the student needs. Help your brother before your neighbour. I don't care if you were elected to promote outside the school, I want you on my campus when an issue like the code breaks.

- Hold every politician (student) to the same letter of the law. Either they are all bilingual, or none of them are. This duality creates a schism at the BOA. There is a clear hierarchy of language at that table and the decisions, questions, and more important motions are debated and passed by those with a comprehensive knowledge of both tongues, those who lack that qualification, are doing a disservice to those they represent.

So, back to the BOG and Senate Reps. Can we blame them this year for the attempted rapid intro of this Student Code? for the Tuition hike? for failing to pipe up at a meeting where their voice carries equal weight?--no.

The matter underlining all these inconsistencies that I, and others
(might) see, is that we are trapped in our ways. We feel, think and operate like students. We marginalize ourselves and restrict our thinking. The administration does it to themselves, to us, but we we too do are guilty of acting out stereotypes and patterns of generations of students before us.

Change is the obvious solution. Any Senate/BOG rep, SFUO, GSAED, or Presidential candidate can expound the rhetoric of change, a new day, a new way. But, real change comes in approach, evaluation, and execution of said changes. It's only then will we have a the revolution and results that we all dream of.